Americas Cardroom Review – Not Recommended

Americas Cardroom ReviewAmericas Cardroom is owned by parent company BetCris. This is a company that has a very dubious record of ethics and trust. What follows is an objective review of Americas Cardroom, but as things stand you need them in your life like a dose of the clap. Instead join one of the trustworthy USA poker sites listed to the right, or below for mobile users.

Americas Cardroom Bonuses

Americas Cardroom ReviewAmericas Cardroom is keen to tempt USA based poker lovers to join them and are offering a 100% bonus as a welcome to you when you make your first deposit with them. That could add up to $1,000 to your bankroll. As a new depositor you will also be invited to take a seat, free of charge, at a $250 Freeroll exclusive to new depositors which is held every Saturday at 12.05pm Eastern Time.

About Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom have been on the Winning Poker Network since August 2011. This network has been online since 2001 and has become a respected and trusted name in the poker world. If you have never heard of it that is probably because it was called the Yatahay Poker Network until mid January 2012.

In October 2011 Americas Cardroom acquired Doyles Room, buying their client base and retaining all their people in a bid to re-establish themselves as a potent force in the online poker arena. Doyles certainly needed to make changes. It had catapulted from network to network and there were allegations of substantial sums being long overdue in licensing fees as well as other debts. There had also been a very public breakdown in the relationship with Doyle Brunson, the legendary US poker player who achieved consecutive wins in the World Series of Poker in the 1970s. Brunson had tried to disassociate himself with the site but was reportedly unable to effect the removal of his name from the site.

To help attract new players and increase awareness of their brand, Americas Cardroom undertook a sizeable advertising campaign and also decided to sponsor the Punta Cana Poker Classic which boasts a total prize pool of approximately $500K.

Playing Poker at Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom may not be the most sophisticated poker site to look at but it offers players an array of games to choose from and presents a change from the ubiquitous black backgrounds favored by the majority of USA friendly poker sites. Of course there is Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi/Lo and straight Omaha. You can also try Stud Hi/Lo, Stud, Triple Stud, Five Card Draw 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Single Draw, Razz, Horse and Badugi.

There are tournaments galore to choose from at Americas Cardroom too including qualifiers for some massive, land based tourneys taking place in Las Vegas venues. There are Sit n’Gos with anything from two to twelve players, daily Bounty tournaments, hand based tournaments, multi-table tournaments. SNG satellite tournaments, Rebuy tournaments, time based tournaments and Final Table Experience.

You will find Final Table Experience listed under the Sit n’Go Tournaments tab within the tournaments area. The Final Table Experience gives each of the nine players the chance to practice playing with a massive stack at a final table. Each player is given 1,000,000 chips to start playing with. Prices for these tourneys start at less than a dollar and the most successful three players will receive payouts.

Time based tournaments are ideal for people who do not want or are not able to play for very long. These tournaments have a fixed start and end time. The time allowed may be, for example, one hour. In this scenario the winner will be the player holding the most chips once the hour is up. Other prizes will be distributed according to the number of chips held by each player at the end of the time allowed.

If you are looking for large scale Vegas style tournaments online, multi table tournaments can deliver the action you want at Americas Cardroom. These tournaments may be contested by as many as 4,000 players who will all be aiming to win the supersize prize pools. The multi table tournaments are scheduled to start at a specific date and time and there are plenty of them. You will find a number to sign up for each and every day. You are encouraged to register in advance although some of these tourneys have a late registration option which enables you to start playing up to an hour after the tourney has actually started.

Registration is a simple matter of paying your buy-in and entry fee. If, for example, you wanted to play in a $10 No Limit tournament, the actual cost to you would be $11. Your $10 would be your contribution to the tourney prize pool and a single dollar would be charged as your entry fee. You do not have to spend nearly that much to get into some of the multi table tournaments – you can get a seat at some of them for as little as 25 cents.

Americas Cardroom are eager not just to attract new players but to ensure that all their players stay loyal to them. In March 2012 an Elite Benefit Loyalty Program was launched to reward all their real money players. The program has a military theme and incorporates five levels described as Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel and General. To move up through the ranks you have to gain Rank Points which are accumulated using the dealt rake method, a method that has been dropped by their competitors. This method means that you are rewarded with points even if you fold, not just when you contribute to the pot.

Deposits and Payouts at Americas Cardroom

This site claims to make it easy for Americans to fund their online poker account. The minimum deposit level of $50 is a little higher than many other sites.

There is very little information given on the website detailing the methods that you can actually use to make deposits and receive payouts. The only method specifically mentioned is international money transfer which has a $100 minimum and $1,000 maximum deposit level. They mention a Fast Deposit service which enables you to set your preferred payment option within the cashier and then make deposits while you are at the table without having to use the cashier, provided your table displays the Fast Deposit logo.

Americas Cardroom Review Summary

This site is experiencing rapid growth and want it to continue. Their sign up bonuses and reward program look attractive for USA based players. The range of games and tourneys is extensive and if no issues emerge as a result of their growth spurt, this ought to be a profitable site for US poker. The one major concern, as mentioned at the start of this Americas Cardroom review, is that we know the parent company that also owns can not be trusted and so you would be better off taking a look at the online poker rooms listed in the right hand column (or below if you are using a mobile device) rather than chance it here.

Intertops Poker is better than Americas Cardroom

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Average rating:  
 16 reviews
by Mr C on americas cardroom
Not good

This site sucks.

We really need the reasons why you think this.

by Michael on americas cardroom
Obvious shill player

I have read that they have shill players on their pay to play tournaments that know what is coming. I now believe it. Entered a 50 cent buy-in tournament today. Third hand holding A,K suited. Another guy holding K,Q suited. Third guy shoves with 9, 2 off-suit. Flop, turn and river gives him quad deuces. Absolutely ridiculous.

by joejet on americas cardroom
Americas Cardroom

Deposit your money but don't try to withdraw winning funds or any funds. They require three forms of ID which includes your drivers license, etc, etc. A true scam site. Why do they need these IDs? They didn't need them when I gave them my deposit! Please stay away from this site.

by Mike on americas cardroom
ACR discourages any withdrawal

America's Card Room is quick to accept your money, but they don't tell you that if you want to make a withdrawal you will have to give them a copy of your credit card, license and a utility bill. This is clearly designed to discourage withdrawals. They dont need this personal information to accept your money. Very questionable site, recommend you try a different site.

To be fair, this Know Your Customer type of thing is standard for the first withdrawal. There is less security with some firms if you deposit and withdraw with bitcoin.

by Andrew on americas cardroom

This site sucks and its rigged and jigged stay far away.

by kyle on americas cardroom
Do not Play

I've played online poker since all the way way to early 2000's. I'm highly successful and experienced player. This site takes forever to pay out and if you do cash out, you can expect the never ending bad luck string of hands and bad beats to follow. Terrible customer service as well. 1 star is too many. Not to be trusted.

by Rob on americas cardroom
Same fraud place, same fraud time.

It appears to be the same algorithm as Poker Stars and Ultimate Bet, which is clearly a complete scam regardless of what the actual 'Online Poker' websites promote. I ended up in the money on this site because I figured, screw it, if I get a good hand I'm playing all in or fold since everyone loves to call with anything suited. It wasn't what I enjoyed but it's a loophole through the algorithm, you're only likely to be up against a high pocket pair if it really wants you to lose.

The last real poker site I liked was Party Poker, but they stopped being available to the US well over a decade ago. If you want to find out what the software is like, try it out and play some of the freerolls but don't deposit money. This site is a scam like the rest, if you have any further questions about online poker just go on YouTube and look up 'Potripper' or 'Absolute Poker', and you should find a ton of information on these scam poker sites.

Now, just to prove that this software is rigged and that they have bots playing just to make sure that nobody comes out a winner, look up the promotions for Twitch (It's a gaming website where people stream content but mainly playing video games). Watch their private tournaments and notice that it flows naturally. In fact, I'm sure several tournaments have been recorded through Twitch and they seem to be fair games for the most part, bad beats happen but not generally as frequent since everyone who participates have to use a code to enter the tournament.

Try this out with one of the freerolls, just play a few and continue to watch. You will notice if someone is making great moves and reads they get sent to different tables. There's also software you can use that keeps track of some players, but obviously there are some bots the website allows to participate in that tend to win with suspicious calls.

Forget about any bad beats, like I mentioned, watch each tournament and notice that they're designed around the breaks. The software is designed for several players to lose, and if you notice it trying to eliminate you, you've got an edge. The only problem is, if you fold they're going to ban you because their software is designed to make you lose, so when you fold for 20 minutes instead of playing what they wanted you to play, they think YOU'RE cheating.

They're going to feed you a theory on variance, but it's all a fancy way to make it sound like you're just crying because you can't accept the fact that you lost, then claim you grieve because someone beat you and if you complain more they say, "Oops! That's poker!" This is the exact problem and it's why I'll let you know when the algorithm is in full swing, pay attention the the cards on each flop, pre-flop hands and be aware of how many flushes are hitting. The best way to notice is when people go all in pre-flop so they can't muck their cards, and pay attention to who's ahead on the flop then who wins by the turn or river.

Knowing what all players went in with, put yourself in their seat and question if there was a high bet before the flop and you called with a solid hand and if it was stronger pre-flop. Did you hit? Was there something on the flop to enticing that you couldn't fold? Then finally, would you have lost on the turn or river?

That's how you spot the algorithm, once you find it the only way around it is to shove all in pre-flop, limp in or check and hope dumb luck prevails (because calling with nothing is a game of skill right?), or fold. You're a sucker if you think you can play against rigged software polluted with bots. Those bots will call various bets but never any all in unless they have an Ace or King backed up with a 10 or higher, or any pocket pairs. You will notice it, and it happens randomly within the last 10 hands before a break, and again randomly within the last 10 hands before the money.

Generally during those hands I won't bother going in without pocket Aces, all in pre-flop or I'll just take an early break and forget about any blinds I might lose. Once you figure out how the software works, even if you get moved to a new table be aware of the first 10 hands. That's the only advice I have for players willing to risk this website, I deposited $200 and cashed out $750+ after a summer of grinding it out, and I'm done here because that was a lucky streak I'll never see again.

by Greg on americas cardroom
Poker BOTs

ACR is smothered with poker BOTs! I just left 2 round table games and each had at least 5 of 9 players being BOTs. If I can tell, surely ACR can tell... but that would screw up a beautiful rake, wouldn't it? I frequently see the same players at all hours of the day or night; continually, playing 15 - 20 tables, at a high level. Who can play several games, simultaneously 24 hours straight, and play well? All these BOTs only add to ACR's bottom line, so they do little or nothing to discourage it.......Secondly: the mid to high stakes SnG's are rampant with colluding players; if you look you'll notice that the same three or four players sign up for several SnG's in the Fifty to Hundred range. A closer look shows that they joined ACR within a week of each other and all are from various Russian addresses. I started looking after their consistent winning, was a bit TOO consistent. I took notice and found that one would drive up the pots for the others.....AGAIN: IF I CAN SEE THIS, SO CAN ACR IF THEY TOOK THE TIME TO LOOK!

by Shede on americas cardroom
play somewhere else

Cannot log into the site after 2 weeks, received client performed illegal operation, what? Called Americas support 5 time, last time they told me go to google with the error message. What? guess what, google basically never heard of it. So I requested my money. You guessed it, no US dollars. Suggestion, call your congressman.

by Ben on americas cardroom

Played in a 11 dollar buy in Tourney for 9 hours down to 37 players left out of 1800... I was chip leader by a long shot....all the sudden tourney was canceled due to internet issues....payout at the time was 60 bucks so the player in 37th place with 1/178 of my stack got the SAME amount as me .....1st place would have been 3k ..........Not even like pokerstars where payouts are based on chip stacks everyone left got the same amount such a joke site....stay away terrible software!!

by mike on americas cardroom
Honest, Reliable, Fast Payouts

I just did my first withdrawal on the site, after being there for over 6 months, it was a moneygram withdrawal for a meager $175.00 + $60.00 for the MG fee, I had previously sent documents and my account is verified through security. I requested the payout on Saturday and today is Monday and I have the money in my pocket as we speak. As far as payout concerns, I see NO problems with this site, as the "payout" request was not handled until today, Monday, and 6 hours later (after the payouts dept opens) I was approved and the payout was paid, so no problems here with payouts.

by carl on americas cardroom

reload bonus not being paid 120 points reached 3 times no bonus released have reported several times terrible communication issues

by jk1 on americas cardroom

AMC and Blackchip poker are connected. I was able to log into the same tourney under two different screen names. I don't trust any site I can do that on. good luck to you if you play these sites. I am staying clear

by gmanp on americas cardroom

I have played both of their super series,in a tourney in each I was good position only 20 left at break.after break it came up server error BOTH times,I called was told they had paused tourney for 15 min.,when it came back up my chip stack had been wiped out by blinds even though they claimed it was paused.Said they would refund my money which was hilarious being a free buy. Oh yea,no one else at my table lost chips.DO NOT PLAY HERE.

by Rick Oklahoma on americas cardroom

I have played numerous sites for many years. I have never seen a worst site. I have screenshots of losing hands when I have the highest hand, I lost at one point 57 hands in a row even though I started with great cards. I also got ripped off my bonus deposit. They claim to match your first deposit, I didnt get it and when I called they said sorry, it expired. A completely worthless site, rips people off constantly. Do not get hoaxed by this trash site

by Julie Smith on americas cardroom

I tried them but didnt like the way they operate - gone back to Intertops Poker and Bovada Poker, just prefer their sites and they pay quicker.