Americas Cardroom Review – Not Recommended

Americas Cardroom ReviewAmericas Cardroom is on the Winning Poker Network and ultimately owned by parent company BetCris. ACR is a company that has a dubious record of ethics and trust. What follows is an objective review of Americas Cardroom, but as things stand you need them in your life like a dose of the clap. Instead join one of the trustworthy USA poker sites listed to the right, or below for mobile users.
You can read the player reviews for ACR at the bottom of this page. The feedback is largely negative. If you have experience of playing online poker at ACR then please leave your own thoughts on this site to help others.

Americas Cardroom Bonuses

Americas Cardroom ReviewAmericas Cardroom is keen to tempt USA based poker lovers to join them and are offering a 100% bonus as a welcome to you when you make your first deposit with them. That could add up to $1,000 to your bankroll. As a new depositor you will also be invited to take a seat, free of charge, at a $250 Freeroll exclusive to new depositors which is held every Saturday at 12.05pm Eastern Time.

About Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom have been on the Winning Poker Network since August 2011. This network has been online since 2001 and has become a respected and trusted name in the poker world. If you have never heard of it that is probably because it was called the Yatahay Poker Network until mid January 2012.

In October 2011 Americas Cardroom acquired Doyles Room, buying their client base and retaining all their people in a bid to re-establish themselves as a potent force in the online poker arena. Doyles certainly needed to make changes. It had catapulted from network to network and there were allegations of substantial sums being long overdue in licensing fees as well as other debts. There had also been a very public breakdown in the relationship with Doyle Brunson, the legendary US poker player who achieved consecutive wins in the World Series of Poker in the 1970s. Brunson had tried to disassociate himself with the site but was reportedly unable to effect the removal of his name from the site.

To help attract new players and increase awareness of their brand, Americas Cardroom undertook a sizeable advertising campaign and also decided to sponsor the Punta Cana Poker Classic which boasts a total prize pool of approximately $500K.

Playing Poker at Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom may not be the most sophisticated poker site to look at but it offers players an array of games to choose from and presents a change from the ubiquitous black backgrounds favored by the majority of USA friendly poker sites. Of course there is Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi/Lo and straight Omaha. You can also try Stud Hi/Lo, Stud, Triple Stud, Five Card Draw 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Single Draw, Razz, Horse and Badugi.

There are tournaments galore to choose from at Americas Cardroom too including qualifiers for some massive, land based tourneys taking place in Las Vegas venues. There are Sit n’Gos with anything from two to twelve players, daily Bounty tournaments, hand based tournaments, multi-table tournaments. SNG satellite tournaments, Rebuy tournaments, time based tournaments and Final Table Experience.

You will find Final Table Experience listed under the Sit n’Go Tournaments tab within the tournaments area. The Final Table Experience gives each of the nine players the chance to practice playing with a massive stack at a final table. Each player is given 1,000,000 chips to start playing with. Prices for these tourneys start at less than a dollar and the most successful three players will receive payouts.

Time based tournaments are ideal for people who do not want or are not able to play for very long. These tournaments have a fixed start and end time. The time allowed may be, for example, one hour. In this scenario the winner will be the player holding the most chips once the hour is up. Other prizes will be distributed according to the number of chips held by each player at the end of the time allowed.

If you are looking for large scale Vegas style tournaments online, multi table tournaments can deliver the action you want at Americas Cardroom. These tournaments may be contested by as many as 4,000 players who will all be aiming to win the supersize prize pools. The multi table tournaments are scheduled to start at a specific date and time and there are plenty of them. You will find a number to sign up for each and every day. You are encouraged to register in advance although some of these tourneys have a late registration option which enables you to start playing up to an hour after the tourney has actually started.

Registration is a simple matter of paying your buy-in and entry fee. If, for example, you wanted to play in a $10 No Limit tournament, the actual cost to you would be $11. Your $10 would be your contribution to the tourney prize pool and a single dollar would be charged as your entry fee. You do not have to spend nearly that much to get into some of the multi table tournaments – you can get a seat at some of them for as little as 25 cents.

Americas Cardroom are eager not just to attract new players but to ensure that all their players stay loyal to them. In March 2012 an Elite Benefit Loyalty Program was launched to reward all their real money players. The program has a military theme and incorporates five levels described as Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel and General. To move up through the ranks you have to gain Rank Points which are accumulated using the dealt rake method, a method that has been dropped by their competitors. This method means that you are rewarded with points even if you fold, not just when you contribute to the pot.

Deposits and Payouts at Americas Cardroom

This site claims to make it easy for Americans to fund their online poker account. The minimum deposit level of $50 is a little higher than many other sites.

There is very little information given on the website detailing the methods that you can actually use to make deposits and receive payouts. The only method specifically mentioned is international money transfer which has a $100 minimum and $1,000 maximum deposit level. They mention a Fast Deposit service which enables you to set your preferred payment option within the cashier and then make deposits while you are at the table without having to use the cashier, provided your table displays the Fast Deposit logo.

Americas Cardroom Review Summary

This site is experiencing rapid growth and want it to continue. Their sign up bonuses and reward program look attractive for USA based players. The range of games and tourneys is extensive and if no issues emerge as a result of their growth spurt, this ought to be a profitable site for US poker. The one major concern, as mentioned at the start of this Americas Cardroom review, is that we know the parent company that also owns can not be trusted and so you would be better off taking a look at the online poker rooms listed in the right hand column (or below if you are using a mobile device) rather than chance it here.

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Average rating:  
 72 reviews
 by James
ACR is that bad final

I am glad I found this site to vent. After my last post I am enjoying online poker again. Once I got past the so-called skill aspect and just started playing for fun again it is fun. I just had to realize poker has never paid a bill for me. If you are not trying to make a living at this and just let go of your ego any site is fun. That last hand that sent me off the deep end had nothing to do with poker because it is what it is, but it had everything to do with my ego. Poker is just gambling but it is better than any other gambling.

 by James
ACR is that bad

I am comfortable in my assessment, they all suck. KJ raise person call, since I don't play called hands I raise ten times the call, everyone calls I have K 10 suited, flop is K 10 all diamonds. Other has KJ and moron has 6 7 diamonds all diamonds flop. I of course have K 10 two pair and the one person with the worst hand that calls ten times the bet hits a flush if you are not playing poker stars is a rubbish, that includes Ignition. I started off so good for five days then started to lose every hand no matter how I played I will still play but will never be dumb enough to think it is skill.

 by James
ACR is that bad - Part Three

This is the last in this series. When I made my last post I could not comment on Ignition because I had just started there. Ignition gives me what I expect, a fair game. I am not some moron that thinks I have a divine right to win but I do expect a fair game. ACR is crap, if u win there good for you but based on what brought me here well good luck to you. I will share this information, anyone in poker knows how rare a set is, do what I did - I track the number of times you complete a flush and/or straight draw versus the number of times you hit a set. Track it yourself and judge the outcome. Play AA AK or any pocket pair you might get ahead at ACR play any flush straight or KK AQ see what happens. Play with a 2x BB raise and watch the bot always flop the hand they need. To close yes I am up at Ignition...but call me a liar if u look at what I have posted about and call a straight flush and post when you win 🙂

 by James
ACR is that bad - Part Two

I had to post an update. Thanks to this site I found out ACR was not my only option. Since I made the original post, I will put anyone to task. Play at ACR and watch the completed hands and make your own judgement. I am just happy I have four new options. I am currently at Ignition and enjoying poker again. I still play ACR and am doing better but I made adjustments based on the comments and the confirmation I received reading the comments here. I will join BetOnline sometime today or tomorrow. I am not in a position to say ACR is rigged but I can say the software is horrible. IMO I think the software at Every Game Poker is fantastic I play the mirror site Juicy Stakes, the problem there is the cash-out for me has been horrible. Want to thank the site for opening my eyes and giving me other options.

 by James
ACR is that Bad

I found this site doing a search. My search question was " does anyone know of an actual American player that is a winning player at Americas Card Room". I guess I found what I was looking for. Now I know especially after seeing the comments that reflect my actual experience, you cannot win at ACR. I normally put in about fifty dollars just won't put in more than I am willing to lose. I have done that for a few years. In all of those years I have never had a winning month in ring play. The only few cash-outs I have had, and it has been few is sheer luck and determined grit in a tournament. I did my search after I finally just said to myself there is no way on this planet this site is not rigged. I play at Juicy stakes and at some point, I am always ahead. I just get bored there because the cash out is basically impossible for me. So, I give it away and come back a few weeks later and deposit 25 dollars. However, I always work it up to about a hundred dollars then the system kicks in and I start to lose every hand. The difference with ACR is I deposit the fifty dollars and I have never been up I would say over ten percent, ever. I play similar range .02 - .05 both sites. I stopped playing tournaments years ago I think in 2016 was my last cash-out. I play because it is the only option and I mean every couple of months I put in fifty dollars just to play. However, this month I put in two hundred just to see how the cash out works now. First thing I found out is it cost sixty dollars just to cash out. The second thing I found out is you will lose two hundred dollars as sure as you will lose fifty. The only time I have won in ring games is when I play to beat the system and by win, I just mean get up a few dollars before the system takes it, I never win when I play what most would consider normal poker. Over time I just blew it off to online but when they did away with chat, I assumed correctly it was to hide the bots. I will end it by saying, based on the comments I now know what brought me here is true. It is as rigged as I assumed it was. I don't think it will ever be fun again and I will probably quit. I wish the comments I read didn't exist, but I personally know them to be completely true because they absolutely reflect what started my search.

 by Dick Johnson

ACR is without a doubt a scam poker site, casino, etc. I have put in a couple thousand dollars and would consider myself an average poker player, however I have only won 1 tournament, and you may think, wow you should just retire and yes you're right but I almost became addicted to seeing how bad the beats are. Not like bad beats cannot happen but the frequency and amount players calling when they absolutely have to know they are behind or even drawing to runner-runner cards is insane. It's absolutely unbelievable how often you get your money in good just to see someone hit their draws or worse hit runner runner to win. God forbid when it's your time to bluff or chase a draw, not only will no one ever fold but you can bet standard percentages don't apply to you hitting those same draws. Anyway for fun I also played a few hundred on their slots, let's just say, I do not recommend, not only are they horrific slots, but you have 0 percent chance of winning anything and for the record I played very low stakes on the slots just to see how slimy this site really was. I have comprised data on ACR that shows the payback percentage on their slots would be below 30% based off my play. As far as the poker goes, I guess no one will really know if it is rigged but I can guarantee you that if you play this site for roughly 2 hours it'd probably become pretty clear that it is. One thing that should be abundantly clear is that any website that has a lot of high guaranteed tournaments but rarely exceeds that guarantee would probably be a good sign to stay clear of, they clearly didn't make a site to lose money!

 by Anya
ACR Is Weird Regarding Suck Outs & RNG

I was on ACR 8-10 years ago and got off it. There is so much out there about what a weird place it is in regard to suck outs. I have an account there now and one at Bovada. Variance is expected. The reason I got off ACR years ago was because of suck outs that were insane as well as bot and collusion problems. My graph is straight down since I decided to give ACR one more shot. Should have just put that money to use on Bovada. Suck outs happen on Bovada - I get them and I give them. I am well into over 500 Sit and goes in on ACR. 10,000 or more hands, I guess. I pay attention to run outs. I can literally call the cards before they hit. People do the dumbest things on ACR and get rewarded. It is so ridiculous. There is this myth out there that ACR have better players. Absolutely untrue. The players on Bovada are far more subtle and creative. On ACR it's shove a 67 off suit from UTG and pray and watch AA and KK get slammed over and over again. There is variance at Bovada for sure. Gotta Deal with it. I have been on over 20 online poker sites since the days of Absolute, Full Tilt and the Merge Network. None, and I repeat none, of them are as janky and juiced up algorithms as Americas Card Room. Don't go there. Sorry I gave them another shot. Any place that pays Hikaru Nakamura (chess player) to rep poker, is a scam artist. I win at Bovada. Took the variance dip and then leveled out to what it should be. ACR, not a chance.

 by Jim
Con Poker

I played freerolls for the first couple of weeks and finally won one of these winning $8 + bucks which went back in pretty quick playing low lying games. I made a deposit afterwards and on the first deposit I got down to like 4th or 5th and won $73 or so which also went back in in short order. I've deposited around $400 all told now and I've never gotten close again winning only in the bottom payouts a few times. 100's of bad beats, I go for a few hands winning every hand then don't get a winner until my stack is gone. I'll be moving on from this site, you cannot win.

 by Duane R
Carnival Poker

I think everyone who plays online would agree that there is a degree of some sort of site fraud. When you have a CEO like ACR does its pretty much goes without saying. Online poker is NOT the same as live poker period! In live poker the cards are shuffled and they are set in stone, all that remains is how the players play the cards they have, the upcoming card is always gonna remain the same. With online poker you have 'RNG', random number generator, if you click call in 1 second you may get a Ace of diamonds, if you had waited 2 seconds to call you might get a 3 of clubs, so they are not the same period. Can the card be manipulated? I assume it would be difficult, but impossible? I doubt it. Are there bots online? Yes, are some of them the actual sites bot? Likely yes. Can the bots be beat, yes. What make me sick about ACR is you see all these 'ACR PROS', and then you have over 50 ACR Stormers. The Pros are paid and sponsored, the stormers are there for advertisement. They get tourney bucks to stream, so they basically play for free on the site and stream it and draw in customers. Are the Stormers cheaters? I don't believe they are, they do their job and speak highly of the site, promote it and that's it, in return they are compensated. The Pros are insiders, I believe that they know the ins and outs of how ACR tourneys work, many hands you see them play on the site are as bad if not worse than the hand you see the chick from hustler casino play (j4). ACR give away so much in tourney tickets, ranging from micro tickets to Venom tickets ($2650 each). With the amount of money being thrown around for free, makes you wonder how they could ever be profitable. As many of the people here have already made clear, the cards just never ever make much sense. You expect to see bad beats and you expect to see more online due to the amount of hands being played. But it's just a bait site, ACR has proven over and over how bad it really is. AA is the most dangerous hand you can play on ACR, you will get called by 49os hands and see Boats and quads flopped on the regular, you can have AK, KK, QQ, JJ, whatever you want if you jam with a KK, there will be an Ace, and more often than not on the river, the hands become even worse when it's a bubble situation. I have read here, that ACR induces for action, which would be cheating by ACR, and I do believe this to be true, you will see SB have JJ or better so often, just to find the BB magically wake up with AA. 8/10 times if they need an ace it will come. If you need the ace, that drops to maybe 1/10 times it will come. ACR is a site you have to learn to avoid the bad beats, it's not about skill on ACR, its about avoiding the system they have in place to steal your money. I found that after being critical of the site and its CEO, especially after the situation he had with several women he had on the roster, that I could hardly ever win a hand period let alone place in the money. I started playing other sites available to me in the US and found instant differences. Most were better experiences by a mile! I self excluded from poker and can no longer play on the site, well kinda. They cheat so I still play on there as well, maybe under another family members name 🙂 Anyway, it has worked and things have improved, I still see the unreal runouts, I will still catch the occasional AA, and get call by 310os just to see the occasional 3 turn and 10 river pop up after they put the hand all in against my AA preflop, it really never stops. Understanding that, just beware, the site is crap, they are stealing your money, you just have to learn how to not put yourself in those situations. It's usually so obvious that it seems impossible, but you will learn to follow your instinct. It's less about skill on ACR and more about learn how to beat the carnival games, because that is exactly how ACR is operating, they give you an easy game, and make it near impossible to win. If anyone reading this watches the streamers on twitch, you know a guy who goes by the name Benz. I have been watching this guy for a while now. He can stream on any day, play poker and slots and profit 5-10K every single stream. Supposedly it is all his money, and he has no affiliation with acr such as Pro or stormer status, yet he hangs with every single pro on the site, including the CEO. Nothing at all makes sense about this guy. He is in the military but you never ever see him sober, long streams all hours of the day and night, and never loses money. I spent nearly 30 years in the military, in no way shape or form could I have pulled off his life and had a successful career. Anyway, everyone stay safe when playing on ACR, keep a clear head and play within your budget. Most important you need to shop around, there are better sites for US players to play on, I highly recommend live casinos, but I understand its just not that easy for us all to be able to do. ACR has all the bells and whistles, but what you need to realize is that is what sells, and they are selling you a chance to lose every penny you have worked hard for. Americas Cardroom is not in America. Its focus is only on taking your American dollars, they cater to Russia, Brazil, Ukraine and other countries. Even seen them turn down Stormer applications because they said they wanted to expand to other countries and were not looking for North American streamers. Everyone needs to share their experiences on ACR with no holding back. It is a fraud site, and the more people stand up, the better off we will all be in the end, maybe the current CEO who thinks he is gangsta will get replaced by someone who will turn it around.

 by THEMightyQuinn
Full of Fish

ACR is full of fish. Yes, you get bad beats all the time, but not nearly as often as your hands hold. I've played over 1M hands on cash and Blitz (micro to low stakes up to NL50), and have enough data to confirm the fish are everywhere.

That said, I do believe the games are 'juiced' for action. ACR is a business and the number of times I see AA vs KK or AK is about 2.5 times higher than expected (I admit just 1M hands isn't enough data, but it's a good start). Russians and Brazilians 3bet 15% of the time, 4bet them with your top 10% of range and you'll take it down after a flop cbet. Fold to a 5bet jam unless you have AA/KK.

Tournaments are half Russian who 3bet about 30% of the time...same strategy to chip up quick. Good luck have fun!

 by birdman420x
once u cash out

Fear cashing out. They will get it back. Never knew aces would lose to ace king 100 times in a month and when I have ace king aces who would imagine. Luck box all day every day and they say rng. Wow didn't happen till I withdrew.

 by Poker Junkie
ACR is not good for US players!

The Good:
Lots of variety to play any form of poker you might want to play.
Lots of levels of buy-ins from micro stakes to high stakes.
Largest traffic available if you can't play on WSOP, GG, or Stars.
Biggest guarantees.
Several ways to deposit.
Cashing out was easy. After verification of account, I received my check via FedEx in less than 1 week, although it cost $50.

The Bad:
Suck outs are a part of poker but on ACR it is way too frequent. I've played on here for many years and I'm primarily a multi-table tournament player. I'm a rec player but I am successful with a few nice wins. I most recently placed 3rd in the Boski for a payday of approximately $1200. Not exactly paying the rent but I am able to final table a tourney a decent amount of the time, or at least I did. I am fully aware of the variance of tournament poker, especially online, and I accept the fact that I will lose most of the time but in the last year or so ACR has...I don't know, turned more into a gamble site than a skill site. The number of huge hands (i.e. quads) occur way too frequently to be considered normal. Also, I've noticed players are shoving all-in preflop with 50bb+ stacks due to the software seemingly rewarding players shoving all-in first. All too often I see dominated hands prevail over premium hands because they shove first. If one or two players call 2.2bb then you can count on a player shoving a 50bb+ stack to win 6bb because the software will reward them. This doesn't happen every time but I'd say it happens 75%-80% of the time. I'm always looking for a spot to shove first if I've got descent cards to protect my hand against my opponents shoving first. So many runner runner bad beats that I question ACR's legitimacy. It is fact they are not regulated to protect US players so it is folly to think that we should trust them completely without any reservation.

I recently read the owners are from Brazil? If that is correct, that makes me question just how lucky the players seem to be that are from Brazil. lol I don't think ACR is favoring players from Brazil but it does make me suspicious every time I lose AA or KK to some junk hand. I look at every players country at my table and players from Russia and Brazil do seem to get exceptionally lucky. There aren't two cards they won't play. Be prepared to be 3 bet by J7os! Which would be fine if ACR didn't reward them with 89T on the flop lol or hit runner runner of some sort. Kinda funny that AMERICA'S Cardroom is so unfriendly to players from the US. It wouldn't surprise me at some point to hear that ACR was set up to drain funds of US players. Now I'm just conjecturing and making unfounded accusations but at the same time, it is suspicious.

I absolutely love poker and continue to play on a site that I do not fully trust. I have been able to navigate the crazy Russians and Brazilians as well as the awful card generator, but it gets harder and harder to come back every time I take an awful beat (which happens a lot).

Once online poker gets regulated in the US, I'm certain most players will jump ship. I pray that this happens soon!

 by Autist
Americas Diarrhea Room

I've never played a version of blackjack like on$300+ single bets of $5 and got 1 blackjack...and lost the rest of it to ridiculous hands over and over. The tournaments? Spend 5+ hours folding everything and lose 4/4 "flips" in a row, stupid gambly bingo all ins 99 vs JT and losing to it. 33 vs AK losing to it, etc. Spend 5 hours of your life flush it down the toilet chasing something you'll never get or see.

 by Dondada
Not Legit

This site is definitely not legit even though I have won and cashed out a few times. You get baited with hands, easy decision making hands only to be called by ridiculous hands who either hit the nuts on the flop and suck you out on the river. An example, I had AA, raised 3BB. There was a shove so I had no choice. The guy had 49o . What do you think the flop was? Yep 494. I do understand this is possible but it happens way too often. Who shoves 40+ big blind with 49o? And this is something normal that happens on ACR all the time. The frequency at which these things happen is just unbelievable. Definitely Rigged. Don’t do it.

 by NTL
Hard to believe it is not a Scam

It is crazy after reading all the reviews and seeing all of things I wanted to write about already here. There is something definitely wrong with this site. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours playing and I have experienced every single issue in all of these reviews. They take bitcoin which was a plus. But I am looking for another place to play that is not a scam. Just read all the other reviews and absolutely plan on experiencing the exact same issues yourself.

 by HB
suspicious at best

I have read some of these reviews and I do agree with the concern of fair play. I am not the best player in the world, but I do have my share of wins/titles. Play in the 4k PLO8 Bounty tournament, I have had more than my fair share of 1, 2, and some 3 outers, in fact too many not to raise concern even for online. And it is about 7/10 times either a Russian, Brazilian, Sweden, Belarus or Ukrainian are the ones hitting these very unlikely outcomes. As far as cashing out goes, I was delayed for a month with their requests for more and more information/ID verification, I built my stack up to 12K and with all the delays I felt like I was never going to get my money, (this was done in the 7stdh/l) then it was like a switch went on, I did finally get a cash out for 3K which was all they would allow. With the foreign influence from communist regions I would recommend caution when playing ACR, clearly this is not America's.

 by Craft

Questionable card play, software has bugs, and emailed them 2x without any response at all for tables that do not open after you register and cannot unregister from same . . .  stay away from this site is my suggestion.

 by John Doe

You can read the other reviews about questionable activity related to play on ACR. This said, think about how they use the likeness of celebrities for avatars which I’d be sure is illegal. This should tell you a lot about the site and its operations.

 by PtM
Shills Everywhere

The odds are stacked against you at Americas Cardroom (ACR), primarily due to the number of shills at the tables. Shills will follow you from one table to the next. When I leave a table (especially when I'm getting shellacked by the other "players") and go to another table, invariably, the same players who were kicking my ass previous table, suddenly are at my new table. I mean, couldn't ACR at least try to give those shills different names? Beware of pocket pairs. If you get pocket Aces or Kings, the entire table will fold, EVERY TIME. If you have 2-Q pocket pairs, watch out for the Ace or King on the Flop. One of the shills will have the other Ace, guaranteed! There are just too many coincidences on this site for it to be legit.

 by dan

When I get great hole cards, no one goes in. I notice the same players on multiple tables and the same ones whenever iI play any table at any time of the day mostly from russia, ukraine, belarus. Trying to get a flush with 4 suited cards after the flop oh so rarely happens and when it does, no one bets or I get beat by a higher card. I've been playing holdem in a casino for years and the probability for getting beat this consistently defies all odds and probability. This site is definitely a scam!

 by Love Poker
Terrible site

I'm not sure what genius came up with the idea of blocking the names of players on the cash table, but it's stupid. They try to say it's to protect weak players. Ridiculous. There are some players I like to play with, and some I can't stand. I'd like to see who is playing on a table before I sit there. Not only that but they give you tickets to use if you want to see the players, but if you use a ticket you can't sit at the table for over two hours. What an absolutely dumb idea. I'll play on cash tables elsewhere.

 by Old and experienced
Beyond Belief

In a single day I lost several so-called jackpot sit'go's as well as table games and guaranteed tournaments to unbelievable bad beats. OK so one might say I'm just not a great player. So how about losing twice with a full house to 4 of a kind, or shoving AA and getting called with Q3 off suit only to see a QQ3 flop? I realize that in the final analysis AA is still just a pair, but who in their right mind would call all in with Q3 not to mention the odds of QQ3 hitting the flop. As for the likelihood that there are bots, how does one explain so many tournaments with obvious overlays? Even with 15 or more late registrations and re-entries, a $3000 guaranteed tournament with a $2.20 buy in falls WAY short of the guarantee vs. number of entries. Wonder why you don't see $3,000 tournaments for a $2.20 entry fee in a brick and mortar casino? Ask the management!

 by David R Rummler
Not Legit

Have played her for some time and finally have come to the realization that this is not a random dealing of the cards. Some of the hand outcomes defy belief. I have played live for decades and even dealt in Las Vegas for 12 years. I have seen a lot of live hands. I believe they use bots, but even worse than that at times players almost certainly have to know what cards are coming. At times a what I thought was a clever player puts all their chips in when it makes no sense and get an impossible board. I have even folded KK and AA along with AK pre flop to observe that it was a setup to lose to T8 or A4. It is a timing thing in tournaments. Omaha is as bad as hold-em. If you want to save yourself aggravation: Do Not Play Here With Real Money. It is that simple.

 by Shouliga

Bottom line don’t play ever there simple. First you will break your computer for bad beats that you will never seen before. Any hand you play you will lose no matter what with a hand that you will never think of. Trust me on this one you will never win a penny and if you understand the hands still after 8 hours tournament you be wining double your money if not less. And the big fish go to in house players. From Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, Belarus, Portugal. Yes watch out I’m sure they see your hands. You want to be stupid poker player play here rather than going to a real table.

 by mb

Gave 1 star because I couldnt give it 0. Site is rigged with house bots. They consistently cant make their guarantees on tourneys so they just steal your $. In a $55 tourney it starts with a min raise ug then a 3bet from mid pos for 25bb w JJ I shove 50+bb on button with KK and house bot with 100+bb in sb snaps us off turns over 94 suit and hits his flush. Only a house bot that knows outcome of the hand would make that play. Site is rigged, stay away.

 by bill

This is the most corrupt site on the web do not play here.

We need reasons please.

 by Tarek Ruichi

Rigged 1000% same Russian Ukraine Poland and Brazilian since owner Brazilian and Portuguese as well. Never seen something like it if you think you will play poker not here. You lose with big hands as never seen it before: Quads straight flush flush full house every ffff flop they will call you with 4-7 or 6-8 and the magical card the 9. Even if you go all in with A-A guess the flop what 7-7-4. Every time or they call you with 2-2 all in flop 2-2- quads. Same people in house players 100%. They see your hands and they will suck your pocket. Stay the hell away from this site.

 by John Doe
play bad hands

Bovada the site on the right has a horrible UI. I bought in there and gave the account to my wife their UI was so bad. BetOnline is horrible too because of their interface/UI. You have to have the full buy in on a table to top up. You have 10 on a table and 14.99 in your account you can't go to 24.99 without that 1 cent. Yuk

On Americas cardroom don't play ring games. I've actually put notes on players how they play a hand colluding with another player. The same players would play the same way. Bomb pots are really bad for it. If these aren't bots they don't sleep or it is multiple people playing the same account. I've seen the same guy on tables from 5-10cent up to 5-10 on the same day. Honestly if you play 5-10 as a live player you aren't going to be on a 5-10cent table as well unless you are a bot trying to get every dollar.

I've actually won multiplayer tournaments on Americas card room and finish in the money often. It is like navigating a mine field with the suck outs. Watch and you'll see patterns. When I get close to the money I don't play anything until I'm in the money. The thing that bothers me most is going all in with a player preflop with an overpair and both of us getting sets on the flop and the other player getting quads on the river. I got two straight flushes in a single tournament. The thing that gets me is when solid seeming players suddenly call an almost equal stack with 4-7 off preflop and then flop a straight or 4-4-7. It's not something a rational player would do once you are in the money. I can see if someone has a short stack then a big stack will call with almost anything. You don't call an equal stack with that stuff. I watched horrible beats against myself and others. I've inflicted horrible beats on people it does work both ways.

I believe it is their algorithm. It almost looks like the algorithm favors bad beats or poor play. This is not me complaining about being bad beat. I've been watching for a bit. I think their tournaments are good. Although I do hate when I'm in third place in a tourney and they move me onto a table with the two bigger stacks. That will happen to you. They have a table shifting strategy that puts big stacks on the same table. I've seen it over and over again. It isn't random when you have 1200 players and three or four of the top stacks suddenly end up on the same table in every tourney. It's like they penalize you for good play.

Generally speaking I won't play on a ring game on this site. I will play tourneys. I found their support to be excellent. They speak good English and get back to me within a day. I was pleased with their support, look and feel of games. I don't like that you can't top up based on a single table. You have to top up on all tables if you do the setting. Another reason I won't play their ring games. I so miss party poker and poker stars.

 by Ray
Worse than Global Poker

I thought Global Poker was bad, but at least sometimes I win on Global Poker, but then they put the doomswitch on me then I start losing every hand, but at least sometimes they let you win. Not ACR. Never was up, never can increase my bankroll, it just all goes down. Runner runners. When I have an over-pair, someone will hit their set. When I have an underpair, their overpair holds up. When I have AK, I don't hit anything, when I have a pocket pair against Ax, an Ace comes on the board. I lose, I get bad beat like 90% of the time, but when I try to bad beat others, I bad beat 1 out of 99 tries. This is ridiculous. I thought Global Poker was bad, but ACR is even worse, never thought I'd even say that about a poker site.

 by CWooer

Terrible experience in LOW & MICRO tournaments. Low and Micro with online poker is the equivalent of slots in a casino: this is where they make their money. They trick us all. Are some of us not so good at poker? Sure. But the RNG and BOT process in ACR is so obvious. You are dealt a great pocket, then the flop and BOTS screw you out the door or worse: on the river. You fold a semi-decent or a trash hand THEN the flop comes in your favor on your folded pocket to make you think about taking a risk "next hand." They have us figured-out better than we have them. Disgusting.

 by Moriarty
These reviews are all true

If you go to help and click on contact us they send you to the cashier. This site has a picture of their employees playing internet poker. Like 20 guys in a room playing internet poker. I honestly believe that for every real player, they have employees that play and if they lose they just re-sign in under a different account. If you win money in a tourney they have a popup to bet all your winnings on red or blac. It's hilarious, you always lose. Internet poker period really sucks brick and mortar people. If you play here remember its for fun but you wont win. I spent 6 hours in a tourney and had 300000 chips then lost 14 all ins in a row. Flip a coin 14 times and if it comes heads 14 every time then this site is good. Save your money, just play for free on an app and bet on sports - it is way better and you will win real money.

 by Johnny
Huge Scam Site

ACR is as rigged as it gets. Bots stealing money from the players. Zero game integrity. Very suspicious run outs over large sample size that seem mathematically improbable. I would not trust ACR at all and never have from the 1st day I played on the site. Tons of evidence of cheating that has been documented over many years. The cheaters still exist and nothing has changed in 2020, if anything it's worse. Feels like a massive Ponzi Scheme. I would not suggest for any player to play on ACR. It's a program designed for you to lose and be stolen from with no recourse.

 by Steve S
Draw you in to take your momey

I played for a while doing okay mostly just min cashing for a while and occasionally making a deep run. Then all of the sudden my payment methods were all closed except for bitcoin and when I asked why my only response was that there was a security issue that could not be talked about. I actually enjoyed playing on ACR and I think most bad reviews are from tilted players. I refuse to do bitcoin and they refuse to allow any other payment method with no explanation as to why. Their response staff is terrible and I highly suggest you do not use this poker site.

 by Unplayable
Don't Play Here

Americas Cardroom is one of the worst poker sites on the internet if you are an American player. Avoid this site at all costs. It is a scam if you play heads-up or cash tables you will run into "players" mostly from Russia/Belarus/Ukraine. These are not real players, they are bots. The way you can tell is they "play" all day long and hit unreal hands. The site thinks that people are stupid and they act like they care about site security and integrity but they don't. My advice to you is play somewhere else or save your money you will regret putting money / playing on this poker site.

 by Jeremy
Best hand loses

Been playing for a while now and after every session I say out loud that the site has to be rigged. I constantly lose with hands that have 90%+ chance of winning in big spots. I have even built a bank roll but ever since doing that I just cant win. I have lost in the most ridiculous ways from 1-2 outer to runner runner quads over my flopped trips. I have played a lot of poker even lived in Vegas for a few years grinding it out. Just go watch a few tables before playing and watch how many time the best hand loses. I will be cashing out the rest of my money on there. Really sucks that us USA players have no good casinos to play at.

 by Leo
Ripped Off

I tried to cash the money I put in and they will not let me. I won $1671.00 on this site and when I tried to cash out there was a problem. It said I need to update your phone number but when I go back to update my phone number that space is grayed out so it will not let you fix the problem they created. You see my phone number was all ways there till I tried to cash out. When I try to get support I get a run around from them. I am looking for anyone to help launch a internet campaign at ACR to let everyone know how bad they are. They are a joke.

 by Wildwildwes357
I been playing at ACR for 20 years

I been trying to give ACR a chance, but I know just like the third review guy when you have the hand that is going to win something happens every time, it make you think it's the internet connection, at least I know it just wasn’t me. So I been at this spot for a while not been asking around for other sites what would you give for me to play there? BetOnline has given me a pretty good offer on table, Blitz poker has made an offer, so now you wondering who is this guy do I know him, well if you played poker in the past 25 years you probably came across me. Anyway good luck to everyone and don’t believe everything that you hear. Always remember it is a program made by design for you to lose.

 by G Macak
Thank you for the Reviews.

Just want to say thank you to the reviewers for saving me time and money. I count on the reviews on anything I buy online and I just want to say again thank you for taking the time to review and warn others like me. Will they ever get USA back on approved poker sites? In my state nothing online is allowed to my knowing allowed yet. This forces out of country betting and playing. I just like online poker but it is still a mess.

 by Uno Dos Tres
wpn, acr, bcp, true poker all cheats

I first came across trump poker. They were sketchy at best. Only site I played in cash my quad aces lost to straight flush. There was a player vegetablesarentyummy who I noticed would show up and play on True, then later on ACR. He seemed to be winning and played a lot (too much), a lot of winning hands. I quit playing there and signed up at ACR. I am not sure who promoted to me or if it was an affiliate. I can tell you after paying it is ridiculous AA vs 27 pre flop all in? Yes 27 wins vs me and its over and over there's no kidding (not even let me win just bs). For you to place in a tourn, yet alone win. The hands you play at certain times will lose no matter the % pre , flop, turn. I have cashed there 3 times total and I was not playing normal poker when I cashed out. I was playing weird hands I had seen win and % they should not have been (I wrote down certain hands in a book). I had to fold Ak Aq JJ kk qq and even AA (usually by mistake sometime I timed) and each time was a set up to take my stack. So began to see a pattern that was not cool. I see a few players who actually created their accounts a few days, second, and same day Wpn started/opened. I noticed something very strange. These players had 100% and 99% ability according to Sharkscope. These were the # 1,2,3,4 cashing players in all tournaments. Here are the 2 most winning players in ACR history in Tourn. Phil Jackson, Seabass and a few others. Why and how were they able to win in online poker on a site so much. After I had investigated at the time more and more just watching their cashes. And then they all of a sudden vanished. Which leads me to believe they must have known their cheating was now being closely observed since these players were 99% & 100% ability gods. Feeling they had pushed it a little to far and made it real clear if they continued playing under these accounts they just would never lose $. Why would any real or pro player just stop playing after crushing since day 1 every tournament? Someone from winning poker will slip or a hacker will gain access and prove exactly what we all know to be true. Super users at top levels, rigged card dealing, god hands that will not lose whether its sequence or timed, and employee or software employee cheating. Some day soon customer service or a hacker will let us know what we all know already. Run and stay away.

 by Lee

They have their own players even at the lowest levels. It took me way too long to realize this.

 by Robert LaFleur

Put in $50.00 dollars they took 500.00 dollars been trying to contact 24/7 live chat it's closed down. The three phone numbers I have are no good. UPDATE: Got me $500.00 dollars, no live help. NV Gaming will have nothing to do with it, they said scam. I filed a complaint with the FBI, we see what happens. Do stay away from Americas Cardroom.

 by Bad
Cards change

So when I am on a run or all in the cards are literally slow in coming out. No it's not internet connection because it's only certain hands that it happens on. I may actually win the hand but most times I lose.

 by James Tolley
Phil Nagy is dealing millions!!!

I don't even know where to begin with this place. I have played poker online since 1998 when the first poker site came online and that was Planet Poker. I have played at most of the sites online, this was before Black Friday. I also have cases a couple times at the WSOP and took 3rd in PLO8 so I would think that I kind of know how to play a little but this site is not a poker site it is simply a scam from top to bottom. I even confronted the CEO on Twitter and what did he do? Blocked me. I have sent them recordings of games that is nothing but cheating going on and they did nothing I gave them usernames. I did everything they asked me to prove that obvious cheating was going on and they did nothing, so yes they know what's going on and they really don't care at all. I mean they are using their own players it is pretty obvious. I play Omaha hi/lo and there are always the same players that win consistently everyone else loses, I have been dealt 8s and 9s for an hour str8 while 2-3 players at a table raise almost every hand. Then I get a monster and one of 2 things will happen every time. The entire table folds, or I will be called by some ridiculous awful hand and they will hit perfect every time. This happens in sit ngos, tournaments, heads-up, everywhere, the site is rigged so you will never build up money to cash out. If you are in a multi-tournament and somehow manage to do good they will crash the site and refund your money. I told the CEO I would have more respect if he would come and steal my money from me in person like a real criminal.

 by Joe

Tons of bots that suck out with any 2 shit cards, and the board texture is always such that you'd be foolish not to stay in it. I understand coolers happen sometimes in poker, but they don't happen several times per game in every single game over a period of 3 years, which seems to be the typical experience on this site. Like someone else mentioned, once you realize the algorithm is trying to make you lose, you can actually gain a little bit of an edge, but there are just too many bad beats, suited boards, and runner runners to chalk up to random chance. I tried for years to convince myself I was just having bad luck, but it never turns around, this site is a 100% scam, and I'm kicking myself for having tried it for so long. I'm done, withdrawing my money now. Stay away.

 by Charles
Cardroom Scam

Americas cardroom is a scam site. Reminds me of the movie Vegas Vacation, where Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) goes to the crooked casino. At the casino in the movie, they rip you off and don't care that you know it, same as Americas Cardroom. You can go all in with AA or KK and the bots will call 3-6 or 5-8 and win every time.

 by John Doe
Americas Cardroom

Stay away from Americas Cardroom. I believe they have bots in the games, winning the money for them.

 by Scratchbowler
Gutted River Straights

If you think those of us that post these negative reviews are just sore losers, go to the site yourself. Play the freerolls, especially the $10 freerolls. Up until a few months ago when they took them away, I was cashing in roughly 10 percent of those and I actually WON 4 of them. Now however, not a chance. I have cashed in precisely one of them for minimum cash of .55 cents since they brought them back and that was very early on after their return. Nothing since. I have watched gutted river straights and runner, runner, runner flushes by people playing 8,3 offsuit or the equivalent out of position and shoving or calling shoves pre-flop constantly. No matter what Nagy the owner tries to tell people, it just cannot happen that often. Odds are totally against it. The only logical explanation is ACR has their own players on all these tables and they know what is coming or the bots have totally taken over the site.
UPDATE ON 27th Oct 2019: Well, I finally caught the straw that broke the camels back on ACR. I've had enough. Early n small cash buy-in tournament I'm holding A,10 suited. Another guy is holding K,Q suited. Third guy (has to be an ACR shill player) shoves with 7,5 offsuit out of position. Hits runner runner 6,8 for straight to the 8. BS. Sent off a really nice email to ACR to close my account.

 by John Doe
Always A Bad Beat

Everything said in these reviews is true. Best hand means nothing, always a bad beat or a cooler.

 by Scratchbowler
Gone from bad to unplayable

Put in a few bucks over time and always lost. Have now concentrated on their freerolls and up until about 5 months ago I was cashing somewhat regularly in the top ten and won three of them for $2.50. Not anymore. Example: Just in the last 3 days I have been knocked out 4 times in a row while being near the chip lead with no more than 30 places to go to cash. In every instance, I had either AA, KK or pocket paint, pre-flop raised, got snap called and hit at least one of my pockets on flop. River made gut shot str8's for people playing absolute junk. I have now watched gut str8's made constantly on the river by people playing junk. It is happening with a regularity that simply cannot be random. While I enjoy playing, I am getting to the point that I'm just going to figure . . . forget it. It's just not fun anymore when you know that ACR has the game rigged like this. They can deny it all they want but it is just way too prevalent to be considered anything but fraudulent.

 by cheated on
very suspicious play and results

Obvious collusion and the site does nothing. Also company bots. You are bound to lose when you have a great hand miracle after miracle. Loose bot players and colluders win most of time especially in crucial parts of tourney. When you have a great hand and flop good the odds of your hand holding are not good at all. When bots and cheater have a decent hand or flop the odds of it holding are very certain and standard. You will get challenged by players at crucial points when its obvious you aren't going to fold and they will suck out most of time. Then suck out player plays soft against others.

Common example small sng. I got decent stack going into money. Get KK raise good amount player with less then half my stack calls q7 hits two pair wins. Next hand I'm short now qj suited diamonds he gets kk holds like a charm then I'm really short but still have a chance winning all in I get AJ player makes call with 24 hits a straight.

I could chip up and get decent stack but things change especially later in tourney closer to bigger money they will play loose and tight and soft vs team members. You chip up and make standard calls and plays but your chips get taken down by better hands that hold easily, your opponents worse hand catches up easily or get sucked out on easily.

 by BuzzCAR
ACR has gone from bad to terrible

Played the site for about three years. Customer Service was always spotty but now it is non-existent. Their customer service number is answered with an automated system and pushes you to "Live Chat." Unfortunately no one is ever at home over at "Live Chat." ACR changed their software about 3-4 weeks ago, what a mess. They obviously did not do much testing, their customers are the unpaid beta testers. A terrible site with a terrible attitude towards their customers.

 by Rob
Confirmed fraud

They don't want Americans to play. Their software is designed to attract action, so you end up losing most of your money against bots. It's why the owner isn't allowed in the US anymore and has to hide over in Costa Rica.

 by Cash Table Player
Something weird going on

There are one or two cash players on the o8 tables who constantly win with bogus hands. They can shove with rainbows and few outs and always hit. Day after day. Yet you can sit at the table and get premium hands but never anything on the board. Doesn't matter if you go in with A2 suited AK suited. You will lose. Usually on cash tables there at least 3 people on a 9 seat table who will do fairly well for an hour or so, and others will win hands too. Not on ACR. You have one player who will win all day, day after day.

 by Micsup
Freerolls are gone

Have to wholeheartedly agree with Laramanson below. Since their attempt to re-build the site about a month ago or so, it has been an absolute disaster. For about three years I played nothing but the Play Money games. Supposedly, you're using the same software that the money games are using. If that's the case, you should definitely stay away from this site. Starting with an initial free money buy-in of 1000 chips I was able to run my bankroll up to over 4 million chips on three different occasions. I am an experienced small stakes (3-6 and 4-8) cash player and play exactly the same way, meaning I am a tight player, regardless of the game. Every single time, after maxing out at about 4.5 million or so, I would get nothing but bad beats or junk cards for weeks on end. Within a month, I was broke and taking another 1000 chip freebie every time. Finally got away from the play money and started playing free-rolls, notably the one that paid 10 spots, $.55 to 10th place. Cashed repeatedly and actually won that tournament four times. Also played the daily 5:15 PM 10 cent buying many times. Cashed in it quite often also. But it is very easy to spot the bots playing. However, those are all gone it would seem. All things considered, I will never again deposit my own money. I'm just considering the $200 total I put in over a couple years cheap entertainment. Bottom line, find casinos and play live games.

 by Larsmanson
Was Great until recent update attempt

I've enjoyed ACR for years, I especially liked all the different freerolls. But recently they destroyed the game and lost many customers by attempting to update the software, apparently without testing. It's been about three weeks now and it seems most errors still exist. And it still has Java errors and the freerolls are gone. I called them five days ago and they said freerolls should be up and running "in a couple days". I first tried to ask them on Twitter like many other people, but they do not respond to any questions about freerolls on Twitter. Many people are saying freerolls were just a way to draw people in and I saw that happen extremely well first hand. Over the past year freeroll games that had around 300 people jumped to nearly 1000 and sometimes more. I have to agree with those who say freerolls were just a gimmick, and that ends most of my play on ACR, I may still play some smaller games but if i find another client that allows play in NY I will leave ACR completely. I also feel bad for the many websites that hosted freeroll games, had dedicated websites with live chat and bounties. It was a good time with good people. They depend greatly on freerolls to stay afloat and face demise now. Based on its availability to states that generally don't allow online poker, I would say ACR was the leader, but now due to self inflicted injury, they are just another poker client. In regards to ID, all poker clients require it. In regards to bots, I have no reason to think that is anything other than people who are not very good at poker.

 by sillysally77
Site is a pile of manure

Don't waste your time or money. It's bogus.

 by Mr C
Not good

This site sucks.

We really need the reasons why you think this.

 by Michael
Obvious shill player

I have read that they have shill players on their pay to play tournaments that know what is coming. I now believe it. Entered a 50 cent buy-in tournament today. Third hand holding A,K suited. Another guy holding K,Q suited. Third guy shoves with 9, 2 off-suit. Flop, turn and river gives him quad deuces. Absolutely ridiculous.

 by joejet
Americas Cardroom

Deposit your money but don't try to withdraw winning funds or any funds. They require three forms of ID which includes your drivers license, etc, etc. A true scam site. Why do they need these IDs? They didn't need them when I gave them my deposit! Please stay away from this site.

 by Mike
ACR discourages any withdrawal

America's Card Room is quick to accept your money, but they don't tell you that if you want to make a withdrawal you will have to give them a copy of your credit card, license and a utility bill. This is clearly designed to discourage withdrawals. They dont need this personal information to accept your money. Very questionable site, recommend you try a different site.

To be fair, this Know Your Customer type of thing is standard for the first withdrawal. There is less security with some firms if you deposit and withdraw with bitcoin.

 by Andrew

This site sucks and its rigged and jigged stay far away.

 by kyle
Do not Play

I've played online poker since all the way way to early 2000's. I'm highly successful and experienced player. This site takes forever to pay out and if you do cash out, you can expect the never ending bad luck string of hands and bad beats to follow. Terrible customer service as well. 1 star is too many. Not to be trusted.

 by Rob
Same fraud place, same fraud time.

It appears to be the same algorithm as Poker Stars and Ultimate Bet, which is clearly a complete scam regardless of what the actual 'Online Poker' websites promote. I ended up in the money on this site because I figured, screw it, if I get a good hand I'm playing all in or fold since everyone loves to call with anything suited. It wasn't what I enjoyed but it's a loophole through the algorithm, you're only likely to be up against a high pocket pair if it really wants you to lose. The last real poker site I liked was Party Poker, but they stopped being available to the US well over a decade ago. If you want to find out what the software is like, try it out and play some of the freerolls but don't deposit money. This site is a scam like the rest, if you have any further questions about online poker just go on YouTube and look up 'Potripper' or 'Absolute Poker', and you should find a ton of information on these scam poker sites. Now, just to prove that this software is rigged and that they have bots playing just to make sure that nobody comes out a winner, look up the promotions for Twitch (It's a gaming website where people stream content but mainly playing video games). Watch their private tournaments and notice that it flows naturally. In fact, I'm sure several tournaments have been recorded through Twitch and they seem to be fair games for the most part, bad beats happen but not generally as frequent since everyone who participates have to use a code to enter the tournament. Try this out with one of the freerolls, just play a few and continue to watch. You will notice if someone is making great moves and reads they get sent to different tables. There's also software you can use that keeps track of some players, but obviously there are some bots the website allows to participate in that tend to win with suspicious calls. Forget about any bad beats, like I mentioned, watch each tournament and notice that they're designed around the breaks. The software is designed for several players to lose, and if you notice it trying to eliminate you, you've got an edge. The only problem is, if you fold they're going to ban you because their software is designed to make you lose, so when you fold for 20 minutes instead of playing what they wanted you to play, they think YOU'RE cheating. They're going to feed you a theory on variance, but it's all a fancy way to make it sound like you're just crying because you can't accept the fact that you lost, then claim you grieve because someone beat you and if you complain more they say, "Oops! That's poker!" This is the exact problem and it's why I'll let you know when the algorithm is in full swing, pay attention the the cards on each flop, pre-flop hands and be aware of how many flushes are hitting. The best way to notice is when people go all in pre-flop so they can't muck their cards, and pay attention to who's ahead on the flop then who wins by the turn or river. Knowing what all players went in with, put yourself in their seat and question if there was a high bet before the flop and you called with a solid hand and if it was stronger pre-flop. Did you hit? Was there something on the flop to enticing that you couldn't fold? Then finally, would you have lost on the turn or river? That's how you spot the algorithm, once you find it the only way around it is to shove all in pre-flop, limp in or check and hope dumb luck prevails (because calling with nothing is a game of skill right?), or fold. You're a sucker if you think you can play against rigged software polluted with bots. Those bots will call various bets but never any all in unless they have an Ace or King backed up with a 10 or higher, or any pocket pairs. You will notice it, and it happens randomly within the last 10 hands before a break, and again randomly within the last 10 hands before the money. Generally during those hands I won't bother going in without pocket Aces, all in pre-flop or I'll just take an early break and forget about any blinds I might lose. Once you figure out how the software works, even if you get moved to a new table be aware of the first 10 hands. That's the only advice I have for players willing to risk this website, I deposited $200 and cashed out $750+ after a summer of grinding it out, and I'm done here because that was a lucky streak I'll never see again.

 by Greg
Poker BOTs

ACR is smothered with poker BOTs! I just left 2 round table games and each had at least 5 of 9 players being BOTs. If I can tell, surely ACR can tell... but that would screw up a beautiful rake, wouldn't it? I frequently see the same players at all hours of the day or night; continually, playing 15 - 20 tables, at a high level. Who can play several games, simultaneously 24 hours straight, and play well? All these BOTs only add to ACR's bottom line, so they do little or nothing to discourage it.......Secondly: the mid to high stakes SnG's are rampant with colluding players; if you look you'll notice that the same three or four players sign up for several SnG's in the Fifty to Hundred range. A closer look shows that they joined ACR within a week of each other and all are from various Russian addresses. I started looking after their consistent winning, was a bit TOO consistent. I took notice and found that one would drive up the pots for the others.....AGAIN: IF I CAN SEE THIS, SO CAN ACR IF THEY TOOK THE TIME TO LOOK!

 by Shede
play somewhere else

Cannot log into the site after 2 weeks, received client performed illegal operation, what? Called Americas support 5 time, last time they told me go to google with the error message. What? guess what, google basically never heard of it. So I requested my money. You guessed it, no US dollars. Suggestion, call your congressman.

 by Ben

Played in a 11 dollar buy in Tourney for 9 hours down to 37 players left out of 1800... I was chip leader by a long shot....all the sudden tourney was canceled due to internet issues....payout at the time was 60 bucks so the player in 37th place with 1/178 of my stack got the SAME amount as me .....1st place would have been 3k ..........Not even like pokerstars where payouts are based on chip stacks everyone left got the same amount such a joke site....stay away terrible software!!

 by mike
Honest, Reliable, Fast Payouts

I just did my first withdrawal on the site, after being there for over 6 months, it was a moneygram withdrawal for a meager $175.00 + $60.00 for the MG fee, I had previously sent documents and my account is verified through security. I requested the payout on Saturday and today is Monday and I have the money in my pocket as we speak. As far as payout concerns, I see NO problems with this site, as the "payout" request was not handled until today, Monday, and 6 hours later (after the payouts dept opens) I was approved and the payout was paid, so no problems here with payouts.

 by carl

reload bonus not being paid 120 points reached 3 times no bonus released have reported several times terrible communication issues

 by jk1

AMC and Blackchip poker are connected. I was able to log into the same tourney under two different screen names. I don't trust any site I can do that on. good luck to you if you play these sites. I am staying clear

 by gmanp

I have played both of their super series,in a tourney in each I was good position only 20 left at break.after break it came up server error BOTH times,I called was told they had paused tourney for 15 min.,when it came back up my chip stack had been wiped out by blinds even though they claimed it was paused.Said they would refund my money which was hilarious being a free buy. Oh yea,no one else at my table lost chips.DO NOT PLAY HERE.

 by Rick Oklahoma

I have played numerous sites for many years. I have never seen a worst site. I have screenshots of losing hands when I have the highest hand, I lost at one point 57 hands in a row even though I started with great cards. I also got ripped off my bonus deposit. They claim to match your first deposit, I didnt get it and when I called they said sorry, it expired. A completely worthless site, rips people off constantly. Do not get hoaxed by this trash site

 by Julie Smith

I tried them but didnt like the way they operate - gone back to Intertops Poker and Bovada Poker, just prefer their sites and they pay quicker.