Best USA Rakeback Deals

EveryGame Poker rakeback USAThe best deal we promote for USA rakeback is with EveryGame / Intertops Poker. In fact there are almost no rakeback offers to Americans anymore, so while the EveryGame deal is excellent, it is also in splendid isolation.

EveryGame is happily accepting USA players once again and there are some major benefits for US residents (apart from these restricted states: Washington, New York, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Maryland, Kentucky) by signing up with them. To get the rakeback deal you do need to use a link on this page so you are correctly ‘tagged’ for rakeback:

  1. EveryGame’s the deal is generous. You get 36% of your rake returned to you on a daily basis automatically. You still get the initial 200% first deposit bonus up to $1000 too.
  2. EveryGame’s deal is simple. We do not get involved in your rakeback deal. EveryGame pays you the rake percentage – not us. That makes it simple for you. All you must do is click a link from this page to EveryGame. Only the links on this specific page will automatically track you for the rakeback deal. No other page on this website will put you on this deal by default. So this point is very important for you if it is rakeback you particularly want.
  3. EveryGame pay rakeback daily. Every time you earn $10 of rakeback it is paid daily. So if you earn $12 on the first day you will be paid $10 into your poker account and the $2 will carry forward.
  4. EveryGame provides you with stats. To see check your reports once you have signed up with EveryGame Poker, sign into the poker client and go to ‘Account’ in the top left menu. Scroll down and click ‘My Account’. A new window comes up with three options: ‘Balances’, ‘Bonus Details’ and ‘Account Details’. Underneath ‘Balances’ you will see ‘VIP Status’. Click ‘Vip Status’ and you will see the stats for your rakeback.

Click here to claim rakeback from EveryGame

What is rakeback? Rakeback explained

Rakeback is where a poker player gets paid for playing at an online poker room. The poker website returns some of the ‘rake’ that the player has contributed. For instance Intertops will give 36% of the rake a player contributes back to that person.

‘Rake’ is what the poker site takes from each real-money, cash (also known as ring game) pot. Poker tournament fees are also ‘rake’.

In cash games the rake is usually around five percent of the money in the pot with a maximum rake taken by the house of perhaps three dollars per pot. When you, as a player, get involved in that hand then a portion of that rake (say a quarter of it if four players are involved in the hand) is effectively contributed by you. It may not sound a lot but actually if you play regularly your contribution will mount to a sizeable sum over the course of a month.

If you are the sort of player that plays more than one table at a time imagine the money you can save by being refunded 36% of the rake. It really is a no-brainer for all regular USA players.

Rakeback at EveryGame Poker